Welcome to Operation: Red Dot

Our Mission:
Focusing on the military and their local communities, our passion is to Educate, Empower, and Advocate for Real Estate ownership.

Our Vision:
We exist to guide the military and their local communities to achieve financial freedom through Real Estate. 

Our Core Values:

1. Growth: We strive for continual improvement

2. Enthusiasm: We show up with energy and charisma that inspires

3. Proactivity: We work hard, ahead of the curve

4. Team: We are selfless and other oriented

5. Innovation: Everyday, we pursue new cutting-edge solutions


Whether it's house buying sites or house for sell by owner services, or perhaps realty homes for rent or house investment services for the Anderson Island area, we've got you covered!

Our Name: "Operation: Red Dot"
This isn't your typical Real Estate business. This is a strategic operation that uses modern technology, state-of-the-art software, strategic planning, and tactical negotiation skills to successfully complete our mission. Although Real Estate is not really a war, we run this organization like a combat mission rather than a business. We subscribe to the mentality of 90% Preparation, and 10% Execution. We leave nothing to chance. We prepare for as many outcomes as we can. At the end of the day, we do things this way for the success of the mission, just like many of us did in combat. This is not a "fly by the seat of our pants" operation. We are well planned, well funded, and well stocked with the right resources, mindsets, and team members to win. This gives us the upper hand against a difficult housing market. 

What is "Red Dot"? 
This is a 2 fold answer. From the military perspective, a "Red Dot" is a style of weapon sight often used on soldier's rifles that allows the user to effectively aim at targets within a relatively close distance.It brings targets into focus. That idea translates into real estate. We don't see this as an industry anyone should be passively in. It takes a pro-active and aggresive approach to be  successful here. 


The second meaning of the "Red Dot" is reflected in our logo. The Red "Marker" is shown when you search for a destination. Want to get directions to your local grocery store? You get a marker for Point  A, and Point B. The markers represent the destinations of your journey. Our mission is to help you find your next destination, where you will create your own Red Destination Marker!